segunda-feira, agosto 04, 2014

Missão Moleskine

Saindo pela Editora Globo mais um livro que ilustrei, "Missão Moleskine".
Posto ai algumas das ilustras que fiz para o livro.

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  1. How to prevent insects from entering your home?
      Abou Youssef 07/12/2016 0 35 minutes one
    How to prevent insects from entering your home?
    Pest control and cleaning of the house is a very difficult task as there is not a house of insects or disturbing objects disturb the place and be a source of discomfort and fear of the transmission of diseases.

    The control of household insects depends on two essential elements to be successful: first, to prevent the entry of these insects and spiders into the house in the first place, and the second to get rid of the bad habits practiced by the inhabitants of the house and represent a fertile environment for the presence of insects.

    In this subject we offer you some tips to try to control household insects, either by keeping them outside the home or weakening the environment that hosts them at home:

    Get rid of wet places with leaking treatment
    Most types of insects need wet places for growth and reproduction. This is what water leaks from pipes and drainage places provide, even if they are few.
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